I never thought I would wear red!

Can you believe it's already May? I bet not! And how could we with these gloomy weather and like 6 degrees in the morning, one would think that we are welcoming autumn. The weather is definitely making jokes, but at the same time it gives me the opportunity to experiment with my style a little more this spring. It's true, I never thought I'd wear red. This color was on my list under the title - "do not fit me", along with purple, orange and baby pink. But one morning I woke up wanting not just anything, but a bright red trench coat. I even knew what I was going to wear it with - a striped T-shirt, mom jeans and white sneakers.

It seems to me that the conclusion of this scenario is closely related to the freedom to experiment with trying new styles that express your mood and emotion at this very moment. Over time, I learned that there is nothing wrong with deciding today that I want to look stylish and elegant, and tomorrow to boldly reach for my torn jeans or the bohemian white dress I bought recently. It is important to follow our fashion impulses boldly and confidently and to trust more in our inner self, at least when it comes to a new red trench coat in the wardrobe;)


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