Fashion trends that I would not follow


1. Neon colors

Certainly a very bold and provocative trend. I love the bright colors, the way they charge with energy and inevitably evoke a smile and bring mood, but somehow they are not in harmony with my personality. Have you ever worn a garment or accessory and just didn't feel yourself? It seems to me that this is my problem with neon colors. I have always felt more comfortable in soft, neutral earth tones.

2. Animal fur Coats and vests
This is definitely a trend that I can safely say I would never allow to enter my wardrobe. It is extremely cruel for me to kill animals in the name of vanity. If you think like me, please join the Citizens' Initiative to ban the extraction of valuable skins. On their website you can find ways in which each of us could contribute to ending this vicious practice.

3. Ugly Sneakers
Here is an example of a trend that I failed to perceive. Honestly, these sneakers are just ugly to me. Whatever they are combined with, every time I looked at my steps, it was as if they were not mine, but of some giant. Something in their proportion irritates me extremely, they seem unnatural and exaggerated. But this is just my opinion, don't be angry with me :)

4. Ripped jeans  
Honestly, I don't see the point in them. They always looked like pieces of crumbling fabric on my feet. And the funny thing is that every time my grandmother sees me even with a small patch, she doesn't fail to ask me if I don't have money for new jeans. Sorry ripped jeans, but you're just not for me.

5. Bike shorts
A trend I've been seeing everywhere lately. These small elastic shorts can be successfully combined both casual - with an oversized sweatshirt or denim jacket, and more elegantly, in combination with a blazer and some jewelry. Although, in a strange way, I like the way other people look in them, I still don't think they're something I would feel comfortable with. So again boldly say no to bike shorts.

Trends are a good thing, they are like a breath of fresh air, bring variety and emphasis to our wardrobe. However, we should not forget something much more important - finding your own style in the sea of ​​colors, patterns and fabrics is not an easy task. For me personally, the starting point has always been the way a garment makes me feel. Does it reflect my true nature? Mood? If the answer to these questions is no, then maybe this garment is not for me, and there is nothing wrong with that. :) Please share is there some trend that you would never wore.

*photos source Pinterest


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