A new addition to my skincare routine

Something that has made quite a good impression on me lately is that more and more big cosmetics brands turn to natural and organic care. I strongly believe that this is the right path – to have clean and clear ingredients in the products we use on our skin daily.
I’ve never used Garnier products before but when I saw their new Bio range I decided to try it out. Luckily I was pleasantly surprised. The lemongrass facial cleansing gel has definitely become a favorite of mine. Its formula is extremely delicate, it doesn’t irritate the eyes and it perfectly removes makeup residue.

I’ve also trusted their infused Argan oil cream to complete my evening care. And if you, like me, prefer to limit the number of products you put on your skin - this combo will make your skin feels really comfortable and happy. So below you can find some of my favourite natural brands that have an amazing products.


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