Karlovo Lavender Festival

A few weeks ago, when my favorite videographer and friend, Kristina Kostova, told me, hey, I'm going to film the Lavender festival in Karlovo, would you like to come? She didn't have to ask me again. Those of you who have been with me for some time know my love for lavender, how could I have missed the celebration of one of my favorite plants.
Karlovo captivated me at first sight - this small pretty town, with lovely and smiling people, preserved a rich history, filled me with incredible love and desire to come back very soon.

I will not exaggerate at all if I tell you that the aroma of lavender wafted through the streets of little Karlovo, we followed it to the Owl Inn, where this year the Lavender Festival was celebrated. As soon as we crossed the threshold, we suddenly found ourselves in another time, of folk songs and
dances, of fairies with white dresses and fragrant lavender in their hair...

We managed to see how lavender oil is extracted, to drink a cup of coffee, prepared on sand and the most exciting for me - to walk through the most beautiful lavender fields, protected by the majesty of the Balkans.

I'm afraid I can't describe to you properly this beauty of nature… the setting sun envelops the lavender in a golden glow, the aroma that comes from the endless fields and attracts the late bees, the silence, the vastness...such an unforgettable time.


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