Cotton Dresses

Outfit details: Blue stripe dress - vintage (similar here)

In one of my last posts I told you about my new fashion call - clothes made from recycled materials. The truth is that the topic of environmental protection is of great interest to me and it is extremely important for me to incorporate as many environmentally friendly practices as possible into my daily life. With this in mind, in addition to clothes made from recycled materials, in my wardrobe there are also those made of breathable natural fabrics such as organic cotton, linen and viscose. Their other big advantage is that they are extremely soft and comfortable to wear, do not irritate the skin and are great for the hot summer days. I love light colour tones for my clothes - white, beige, sky blue, grey. I think they best emphasize the natural material and its beauty. Below you will find my selection of beautiful cotton dresses that I am sure will become your favorites for the sunny summer days.


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