Tote Canvas Bags

Outfit details: Apash tote bagH&M stripe t-shirt, H&M wide leg trousers

This is probably one of the most comfortable and multi-functional bag for me. This is the bag with which you can go to the market, to the gym or for a walk in the city. Most people may know them as eco bags, which is not far from the truth. Made from strong, quality fabric - wool, cotton or light, this bag will serve us much longer than any plastic bag, plus it carries a stylish accent, combined with a fresh everyday look.

My favorite way to wear this type of bags is with casual urban look - a playful T-shirt, combined with a flowy skirt or wide leg trousers, colorful sneakers and my favorite glasses. And this tote bag is one of my most loved one by Apash Illustration. See more suggestions for your next or maybe first tote bag down below.


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