What about recycled clothes?

Outfit details:  Soft pink dress - H&M conscious | Sandals - H&M

Every little change in my wardrobe makes me feel somehow special and different. Like a breath of fresh air in the busy everyday life.
But how to enjoy our favorite clothes without remorse that we are taking part in environmental pollution? Don't worry, there is a solution. We can enjoy our new fashion pieces and at the same time reduce the harmful impact that the textile industry has on the planet.

The options I have discovered for myself are two - second-hand shopping and clothes made from 100% recycled materials. I have told you many times about my favorite second-hand clothing pieces and for me this way of shopping is like a hobby. However, clothes made of recycled materials are something completely new for me, which I decided to give a chance and honestly I think they will become a new passion of mine. So these days I am out hunting the best sustainable clothing brands out there and below this post you will find some of my favorite clothes from recycled materials or sustainably made. Is there something that caught your eye, share in the comments below this post.


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