How do I style my hair when I am in a rush

I recently lightened my hair a bit and this, along with my desire to leave my hair long, comes the problem of styling it after a bath, which in my case took much longer than I wanted. First I went through the step of rough drying of the hair, which took at least 20 minutes, and the result is such that there is no way not to follow the next step - styling with a flat iron or curling iron, which took at least another 30 minutes. There had to be another way. And then I found it - electric hairbrush from Rowenta. This device saved me from long hours of hair styling, because now in less than 20 minutes I have both dry and well-styled hair. True happiness!
Before each drying i apply my favorite no rinsing conditioner and comb my hair with appropriate brush so as to avoid split ends. Then it's easy, the Rowenta brush does everything else by itself. It's true that if you, like me and have long hair, it may take you a little more time to get used to the device, but the result will be worth it. To finish up, I apply a few drops of Nuxe multifunctional oil for extra shine and nourishment and Voila!


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