I finally tried RMS beauty make up


Have you ever feel that a product is right for you without even being able to test it? This was my intuition about RMS Beauty products. The first thing that won me over to them was the brand's philosophy of what makeup should look like and what it should contain. In short, make-up should not be a mask with which to change our features beyond recognition, make-up is a means by which we can only emphasize our beautiful features and brighten our skin so that it looks healthy and vibrant. As for the ingredients of the products, it should be selected with care to the skin, without all those unnecessary chemicals to which a number of studies are increasingly attributing toxicity and skin irritation. The basis of the composition of RMS beauty makeup are natural organic oils that have a beneficial and nourishing effect on the skin, so while we enjoy the confidence of beautiful makeup on ourselfs, we can be sure that it does not harm the skin, but rather the opposite.

At the end of this post you can see my last video, in which I will show you my first impression of some of the brand's products. Whether they lived up to expectations remains to be seen...


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