Why did I change my laundry products?

The process of renewing the cosmetics that I use every day on my skin, with pure natural substitutes began more than 5 years ago. But for some reason this process occurred with a slight delay as far as home products, and it turns out that their replacement is no less important and necessary.

The fact that very soon our family will increase with another little one extremely sensitive to everything that surrounds and touches it skin, we could not delay this necessary change any longer. The first thing I started with was looking for a suitable alternative to washing powders and fabric softeners that we could use on daily basis.

My attention was drawn to the products of the Bulgarian brand Amalina and I am extremely happy not only with the washing results on our clothes, but also with the fact that I have the opportunity to support the efforts for a better tomorrow of a Bulgarian manufacturer. Their mission is focused exclusively on the production of natural detergents and cleaners for an environmentally friendly lifestyle, which aims to protect the human body from diseases and allergic reactions, as well as the nature from pollution.

Amalina powder for white laundry with citronella

This has definitely become one of my favorite white laundry powders. Its formula is biodegradable, and the scent it gives to the clothes is thanks to natural essential oil, which surprisingly for me aromatizes our clothes delicately and quite long-lasting.

I don't know a person who doesn't really enjoy the scent of cinnamon and orange. This powder is also extremely suitable for baby and children's laundry, with nature-friendly ingredients as well as 100% recyclable packaging.

Amalina softeners definitely won me over and honestly I can't imagine going back to conventional products on the market. The formula is based on citric acid and natural essential oils, which delicately scent clothes and soften them. It is suitable for washing all kinds of soft blankets, sweaters and towels.


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