Benefits Of The Organic Cornflower

For a long time I neglected the good hydration of the skin, because I had a problem with acne and used a number of specialized products to fight it, hydration always remained in the background. My skin always looked tired, without shine and elasticity. For the past few months, I have trusted Klorane facial care with organic blue cornflower and hyaluronic acid, and I dare to say that my skin feels much better.

You know that I find it difficult to trust new cosmetics, for me it is extremely important not only its composition and action on the skin, but also the effect on nature. That is why I choose brands that have a clear responsibility and mission to the environment. The delicate plant ingredients of the products are grown in France through responsible organic farming, and various eco-friendly practices are followed for the creation of packaging - glass jars suitable for multiple recycling, lack of paper leaflets without additional sealing membrane of the jars.

Hydrating Water Cream with Cornflower

The day cream instantly restored the volume and elasticity of my skin. Thanks to its formula enriched with hyaluronic acid and organic blue corn, which has the ability to soothe sensitive and tired skin.


Sometimes it is enough to illuminate the area around the eyes to feel and look fresher and more relaxed. I trust the roll-on as a daily care, because of its triple action - to reduce puffiness, dark circles and delicately illuminate the area around the eyes.


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