It's Time For Sun Protection

The favorite time has come - the season of sun protection! And although many dermatologists recommend using sunscreen all year round, this is a particularly important routine during the summer months that should not be missed. And the fact that we do not have a nearby sea in Sofia does not mean that I will forget to enjoy the nice sunny weather outside. Wherever I am - a beautiful park, a nearby lake or a cozy cafe with friends, proper sun protection is irreplaceable. You know how important the purity of the products is for me, especially in this period of waiting for baby J., this is something I could not compromise with and once again I trusted Wooden spoon and their sunscreen care. With their new product with 100% natural, transparent zinc, I can rest assured that my skin and the baby's delicate skin will be well protected.


A product that I plan to be by my side in the next sunny months. The product formula contains natural, transparent zinc, which protects the skin without leaving white marks. Unlike chemical sunscreens, which get into the skin and after that absorbed and convert the rays, physical filters (such as zinc) act as a protective layer on the skin, blocking UVA and UVB rays without they can penetrate into the skin at all.


Although the skin is well protected from the sun, it still needs hydrating and soothing care as soon as it has been exposed to the scorching sun. After Sun Lotion provides gentle, organic care, suitable for even the most delicate baby skin by nourishing, softening and soothing it.


The lips are also exposed to the strong sun and can lose their hydration and become sensitive and dry. The lip balm is enriched with gentle natural oils such as shea butter, cocoa, coconut, which protect the skin of the lips and nourish it.


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