Expected and Unexpected Feelings and Events During my Pregnancy

From 12.07.2021 our life is completely different. In a few weeks, everything we were used to in our days changed tremendously. Now that our little John is with us, the days are filled with even more love, nappy diapers, frequent breastfeeding and sleepless nights or may I say with a sweet tiredness. With each passing day, however, he becomes stronger, and we become more confident in this difficult task - to be his parents.  

In the next few hours, while he sleeps, I will take the opportunity to look back to the period of my pregnancy and share with you some of the expected and unexpected events and emotions that accompanied this stage.

The first and second trimesters were extremely light and pleasant, I dare to say I enjoyed every moment, except for a few weeks of fatigue, nausea and shortness of breath, which passed quickly, I felt good and fit. The long walks with Leya in the evening helped me to maintain my tone and not to relax and lie down. This is one of the things I would advise any of you future moms, keep a good activity, it is extremely important for both you and the baby.

During the third trimester, some disturbing thoughts about preparing for childbirth began to creep in. I knew that if everything went well, I would give birth naturally, so I became interested in proper breathing techniques, first signs of childbirth and possible interventions. I will put my favorite sources on these issues at the end of this post.

I knew that during this period I had to keep my activity and I continued with the long walks, which together with the medical recommendation to limit the sugar, I managed to keep my initial weight. This helped me to feel extremely good and confident in my body, accepting the change as something beautiful. Fortunately, I got away with water retention and bloating, but insomnia in last days has not passed me by. Sometimes I think that maybe it was a natural preparation of the body for the coming sleepless days when the baby appeared. What helped me fall asleep was my favorite Yogi Tea with rooibos and valerian.

Thinking about it now, I realize that the last few weeks of waiting were the hardest in my pregnancy, when insomnia fatigue builds up, the belly becomes extremely heavy, heartburn is deadly and you can't lie on your back as much as you want to. In these cases, distraction helped me - a good book, an interesting series and the thought that very soon I will hold this little man in my arms.

An important lesson I learned is that sometimes things don't go the way we planned and expected and that is ok. It so happened that John started to delay, it seems that he was in no hurry to be born, the due date passed and I decided that I would wait for him, but the birth process never started. The anxiety was growing with each passing day, I had to decide on a C-section and this choice was extremely difficult for me, because at that moment all you want is to do the right thing. My intuition told me that this would be a better solution for both of us. My amniotic fluid began to decrease and together with my doctor we decided on a cesarean section. I knew it was better for me to recover a little slower than for him to be threatened in some way. And although I wanted to give birth naturally, I do not regret my choice for a moment, because it was safer for John, and this is the most important thing.

Fortunately, I recovered extremely quickly, the key again lay in the fact that I have started to walk and move actively as soon as possible after the procedure and, of course, the wonderful care of my doctors, who did everything possible to make me feel good.

That is why I want to encourage all of you, dear moms, to be brave and listen to your intuition, both during and after pregnancy. Nature knows its job by giving us all the necessary mechanisms for having a child.

And now I'm leaving you because there's a little hungry voice coming from the next room, which I'm going to check.

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