Linen Dress For Hot Summer Days

As ordered, as soon as the astronomical summer approached, the temperatures rose sharply, leaving us with nothing but to quickly adapt for the hot summer days. I'm not complaining at all, the summer is so short and so imperceptibly gone that I can feel nothing but joy that it is finally here and trembled in anticipation of all the positive emotions and sea vacations it will brings us. And to adapt to high temperatures is easy - in my choice of clothes, I choose light and breathable fabrics, such as linen. With its plant origin, linen is a breathable fabric and a great choice for the hot days ahead. To emphasize its natural, somehow earthy feeling that it radiates, I like to combine it with accessories also made of natural materials such as a straw basket bag and comfortable slippers in beige tones. Under this post you will find more linen finds that will make you feel comfortable in the middle of summer.


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