Happy 40 Days With us My Love

There is something magical in the first 40 days of every baby's life. This is probably the most difficult and at the same time the sweetest period. The time in which we get to know each other, we get used to each other and as if with each passing day and with each breath the love and affection between us grows.

In Bulgaria, the first 40 days are celebrated in a very interesting and special way. Sweet cake and other sweets are prepared (nothing salty is allowed) to make the baby's life sweeter. Mom's closest friends take on the role of good ushers, who send their heartfelt wishes to the little man. It was also John's first official holiday, and every minute of that day was amazing. It was as if the whole space around us was filled with love and warmth. I'm sure John could feel it, he was so calm as we held him in our arms.

Happy 40 days our little John, let all the beautiful wishes to you follow you inseparably in your life and may you always feel in your heart the love and warmth of this day.


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