Jumpsuits For The End Of The Summer

Outfit details: Jumpsuits H&M | Slippers CCC | Bag Obag

In the peak of summer, I finally decided to give the jumpsuits a chance. I have always liked their practicality and unpretentiousness. I like the idea of ​​a complete one-piece outfit, suitable for those spontaneous summer walks in which I do not want to waste time choosing what to wear and how to combine. For my first jumpsuit ever I chose this one with thin straps and cut-out trousers from H&M. I fell in love with the free silhouette, which somehow reminds me of a dress, and the color is the one I've been gravitated to all summer. The detachable belt emphasizes the waist, and the cut back gives the necessary femininity to the look, as sometimes the jumpsuits can give a bit more childlike look. At the end of this post you will find a selection of some of my favorite jumpsuits for all occasions, if you like me want to give a little rest to your dresses this summer and to diversify your wardrobe.


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