Matching With Fall

With the change of colors outside, a familiar desire awakens in me to experiment with the colors in my wardrobe and I almost imperceptibly change my preferences from the gentle summer tones to the warm and bright autumn palette. That is why for our autumn walks I often reach for clothes in warm brown, soft pastel yellow and my favorite burgundy color. I believe that I am not the only one who imagines a wardrobe full of soft knitted sweaters when I see the first yellowed leaf and feel the chilly autumn wind coming in our days.
For today's look, I decided to break the classic combination a bit - my favorite sweater and mom jeans, with something unexpected in the face of these tailored pants with an interesting accent. And my favorite burgundy boots are an integral part of almost every autumn look of mine - or at least until I have to run after little John in his first attempts to walk. Be sure to see a selection of more fall offers to complement your favorite looks this season.


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