Favorite Double Cleansing Products

I don't wear makeup often, especially now with baby John, who is constantly under siege by my kisses. But from time to time I awaken a desire and inspiration for something different and I reach for my favorite red lipstick. And then, the more lasting the lipstick, the better. (These days are too rare to be wasted with lipstick, which disappears after the first cup of coffee). And for those special, festive occasions, in addition to red lipstick comes the classic eyeliner, which in most cases I choose waterproof to ensure flawless look throughout the day. All this is wonderful, but the challenge comes when it's time to wash off my makeup, preferably without having to spend 2/3 of the package of cotton and as much micellar water. For this task, I trust the magical duo for clean skin of Biofficina Toscana.

The first step in the cleansing ritual is this gentle oil, which I apply directly to the skin to dissolve makeup. In contact with water, it turns into a delicate gel that washes off extremely easily, leaving the skin soft and hydrated.

For a feeling of extremely clean skin, I also use the second step in cleansing the face. With the cleansing gel, I am sure that the last remnants of make-up are removed, and my skin remains hydrated and elastic.


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